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    Data Merging Multiple People onto one page


      I am creating a Data Merge file to create a booklet of emergency contacts. The previous file was done in Publisher (YUCK) and needs to be redesigned. I am trying to set up the file properly in InDesign to perform a data merge in which there are 3 contacts per page (a primary, secondary and alternate for each county in NY). See Below

      Publisher File Screen Shot.jpg


      Currently, I cannot figure out how to get multiple contacts onto one page. The way it is set up now, I can only get one person's information to show up on each spread.

      InDesign Screen Shot.jpg


      Any Ideas on how to help remedy?

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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You've got the same problem with which I tried to help in this thread: Repeating pages


          As you've found InDesign's Data Merge really only merges one record to multiple sets of fields...OR, (what you want)...multiple records to one set of fields.


          So what you need is just one set of fields; the first one. Do this:


          And delete all but the first page.


          1. Now, with focus on the document page (not the master), choose Create Merged Document from the Data Merge panel menu.
          2. On the Records tab of the Create Merged Document dialog, choose Multiple Records from the Records per Document Page menu.
          3. Tick the Preview Multiple Record Layout box.
          4. Switch to the Multiple Record Layout Tab and adjust the controls to place your records as desired (3 per page) while previewing in real time.
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            andrew.s.otda Level 1

            Fantastic! There's still some cleaning up to do but that will save me a TON of time. Thank you so much!