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    false hyperlinks

    gods of Ironing

      RH 10 on system 7. HTML5 output.


      I am getting headings that appear to be hyperlinks, but they don 't actually open anything or fail to open anything. They just appear in hyplink color and appear active when you hover them.


      Then when you click on one nothing happens but it continues to act like an active hyperlink.


      I am not even sure how to describe it.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          If they are hyperlinks, try double-clicking one in the RoboHelp editor. If it's a hyperlink, the Hyperlink dialog should open. If that happens, grab a screen shot and post it here using the little camera icon.




          Cheers... Rick

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            gods of Ironing Level 1

            The popup says it is a bookmark, but I put no bookmark there. It seems every single heading is a bookmark.


            The content originates in MS Word.


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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Okay, so try this.


              Open the topic in the RoboHelp editor.

              Press Ctrl+End.

              Press Enter about 20 times.

              Now view the topic and click the links. Do they work?


              Cheers... Rick

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                gods of Ironing Level 1

                I am sorry I am not following. These bookmarks should not be there. At least, I didn't put them there. They look like maybe Robohelp/Word put them in to compile TOC ? I really don' t know.


                There is not supposed to be any link associated with the word that has the false link. It is simply a text heading, not a link to anything.

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                  Amebr Level 4

                  I think that's how "a name" tags show in the RH editor when applied across text, instead of just in front of or behind text. The little flag icon in from of Executive Summary is an example of how a bookmark appears when not applied across text. It would probably have come from the word document when you import a document that included a table of contents (see first screenshot vs second screenshot below). Or if the bookmark was manually applied that way in Word.


                  It shouldn't appear as a hyperlink in the output, so is more of a distraction in the RH editor.


                  If it's a real problem, one option might be to delete the ToC from the Word document and re-import. Although this would only be an option if you haven't made a lot of changes since importing. It might not be an option if the Word document is linked.


                  Or if you are comfortable with regular expressions you could do a find and replace, preferably using a third-party tool. You would need to change the code from something like:

                  <a name="This_is_a_heading_2">This is a heading 2</a>


                  <a name="This_is_a_heading_2"></a>This is a heading 2

                  Remember to take a backup of your project before doing the replace, too.