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    Where is the "Move" File Handling in the Import dialog?

    Charles Lanteigne Level 1

      In the latest version of Lightroom (6.2), the Import dialog has been rebuilt, but has apparently retired the Move operation (i.e. "File Handling"), leaving us with only Copy or Add. Is there somewhere else I would find the Move operation, or has this useful feature been removed for no apparent reason? Maybe add a "Delete source after copy" option, to effectively bring back the same functionality? As it is, I will have to Copy, and then painstakingly navigate to the original folder from the desktop to delete the source images myself—a waste of time.



      As an aside, while we're on the subject... I wish I had something positive to say about the dialog's revamp, but I don't:

      • Adding a completely superfluous step (to select the source) instead of showing me everything right away makes this operation more laborious every single time—it's particularly useless considering you can change the source in the following screen. The "wizard" step by step approach is presuming that I am, and will always be, a beginner. Why not just show the new user tips the first time around and then leave him alone? The plight of the expert user.
      • The hierarchical folder selector for the destination was so neat to quickly jump between neighboring folders (since destinations are often near each other), but now I have to start from scratch every single time using an "Open Folder" dialog. How is removing that feature an improvement?
      • The visual cues for the thumbnails are broken: they are dimmed both when selected (which makes no sense) and when the images are already in the catalog, such that you can't tell from quickly glancing at the window which is which. It's the opposite of what I would expect, the opposite of what Lightroom has used me to over the last several years, and the opposite of how it behaves inside Lightroom's own Library module! Why not use the same highlighting scheme as the Library module, such that there's only one coherent behavior?
      • Why put a "gear" icon at the top-right of the window, which you think will give you additional parameters, only to discover that all it does is hide/show the panel? Lightroom's own design cues for showing and hiding panels is an arrow on the edge of the panel, so why is it different (and nonsensical) here?


      I am thoroughly confused about the logic behind the design of that new dialog.