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    i need help urgently, please! :)

      hi ya everyone,

      i'm building the website of the ad agency where i work, and i have the following problem.

      i have more or less 10 videos converted to flv for being showed as a external swf. i used the loadMovie() function for requesting them, and i don't know why it doesn't work.

      the code i've put on every button is:

      on (release) {

      where "contenedor" is an empty MC placed on the stage, for loading the swf. my problem is that it only loads a certain video, whereas every of them are converted in the same way. i mean, if I have 10 videos and 7 jpgs for showing, it loads every jpg and ONLY one video in particular. I copy-pasted the AS code for every button changing the path of the swfs, so i might guess there should not be any error on it.

      any ideas of what can i do? it is very urgent, because this evening must be recorded on cds and i can't manage to guess what's happening!!! :(

      thx for your help