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    Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Issue

    Michael Bevington Level 1

      I have been a lifelong Adobe User going back to Aldus Pagemaker (for the new generation, the forerunner to InDesign before Adobe owned it) and when Photoshop didn't have a version number. I have subscribed to the Adobe CC, but I am concerned about using the programs. If I cancel or cease to subscribe then even though I have the files I can no longer open, edit or save them. So I may own them, but without the ability to edit them then they are useless. I will therefore be forced into continuing to subscribe irrespective of how much I use or don't use Adobe programs. If I stay with Adobe CS6 I can always edit and change the files without long term financial commitment and as long as the System software allows it, but even there I have a choice to not upgrade if I wanted to.


      There may be times when, as a small business owner (the bulk of Adobe clients over the last 20 years), I have to make tough choices and reduce financial commitments usually only temporarily, but still need to operate at the current level to build the business back up.


      Why are Adobe not considering a ‘leasing option’ similar to cars where a user can lease the car and after a period of time has the option to either hand the car back or buy the car outright and keep it. Where the buy outright price is based on the time leased, lease remaining and remaining value?


      Therefore if the programs I have used are valued at £1,000 and I have subscribed for 2 years and paid £840 then it would cost me  £160 to freeze my subscription and keep the current versions of software loaded on my computer.


      It seems fair to me to be paying for the use of the software, but not when the only option is to keep paying or close down.


      Faced with this prospect I have a subscription, but with one eye closely watching your competition who are getting closer to a life beyond Adobe.


      Come on Adobe it makes sense and will reassure the doubters that you do value your past, present and future customers by allowing them to run their businesses at their pace and not be dragged along by corporate greed.