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    Flash player will not work on my Win 7 Desktop


      Words cannot express how disgusted I am, so here is the facts:  Flash not working  on Win 7 Desktop, (even thought it is loaded, version 19). It does work on my Win laptop after I turned off Active X. I have read everything (I think) to try to get help.  Turn off and on Active X, updated Java, turned off my virus and internet security (AVG) - even read that was a problem.  But, this is not a problem on my win 7 laptop.   Also, I have re-booted every time I make a change.  I am fairly tech smart.  I have uninstalled (even with Revo), and re-installed.  Is there anything else to try to get this work or should I just give up and tell everyone Adobe Flash is so inconsistent and I have no answers.  I am President of a computer club and in a senior development in Florida.  I talk to a lot of seniors and everyone is so frustrated with Adobe Flash player.  This really gives YOU a bad name.  And, this is so sad - because senior really would like to have a good experience on the computer - but, companies like you make it impossible.     If anyone has any suggestions, other than what I have tried - please help.