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    Deleting RAW files corresponding to starred JPEGs in Lightroom.


      Hi there,


      I have been rating and working on my photos from a recent trip to Indonesia. I shot in both RAW and JPEG. I have rated and worked on only the JPEG files, starring them as follows:


      1 star - 986 photos


      2 star - 325 photos


      3 star - 175 photos


      4 star - 80 photos


      5 star - 12 photos


      I now want to raw my RAW files, stored in a different folder, as the same as my JPEGs. I then want to permanently DELETE the RAW files that correspond to the 986 1-starred JPEG files.


      Any idea how I can do this quickly and easily? The JPEG files are stored in folders numbered by day of shooting. The RAW files are all in one separate folder.


      I can't find a way to quickly do this using Lightroom's filtering / database tools, then only way I can think of to do it is to manually go through all of the files!


      Many thanks.