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    Upgrading a subscription



      I am a freelancer and at the moment I use CS6 Design Premium.

      I've been looking to upgrade to Creative Cloud and I have probably made my decision..maybe..

      Instead of upgrading to the full CC, I plan to subscribe to the Photography-plan (for Photoshop) and a single app-plan (for Illustrator).

      Those 2 are the apps that I mainly use and it would be cheaper this way. And I still would have the CS6 apps as a backup.

      I would go for the annual plan and pay per month.

      My question:

      What if in the future I realize I would be better off with the full CC package? Will I be able to upgrade to the full CC (annual plan) from those 2 separate plans?

      I read that I could upgrade from 1 plan to the full CC-plan without loosing money, but what if I have those 2 separate plans and want to upgrade?

      Second question:

      As I have a one-man-company should I be looking at the individual plans or the business plans?

      What is the benefit for getting the business plan? What is the main difference as the individual plans seem to be a bit cheaper in comparison?

      That's all for now.

      I'm grateful for any help I can get