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    Export and Youtube


      What is the best choise of export the movie for youtube? My movie doesn´t look sharp when I edit and export the movie with PE 14... The earilier versions with PE I got it much more sharp...

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I recommend using Export & Share/Devices/Computer 1920x1080 mp4. Although you should also get excellent results just using the Quick Export option.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I would ask you what are the properties of your Timeline content and what is your project preset. See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General and reading for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, and Pixel Aspect Ratio.


            Assuming 1080p30


            If you are going to export a file to the hard drive and then upload that file to YouTube at the YouTube web site, then I would

            suggest that you use Expert & Share/Devices/Computer/Custom with the Preset there set for MPEG2 H.264 1920 x 1080p30. You know that the Video Bitrate is set at 32 Mbps (no user adjustment). Did you do an export where the Quality Slider was allowing you to set one of three different bitrates? If so, what were you selecting? If you decide that you want the lesser resolution product (such as 1280 x 720 p30), then customize that preset under the Advanced Settings there. Quick and easy. Hit Save.


            If you use the Premiere Elements 14 built in YouTube feature beware. That path would be Expert & Share/Online/YouTube. Note that YouTube no longer has a stated limit for file size/duration in that built in feature, but it has. It does show a before upload estimated file size as well as file duration. By no warning. My initial testing show that upload duration limit in 14 is about 14.5 minutes. Premiere Elements 13/13.1 YouTube limit is stated in the feature as 2.2 GB/15.0 minutes.


            Please review and consider. If you supply more details, I will further customize the suggestions.





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              marrehall Level 1

              Hi ATR

              thank you so much for your answer. I´m afraid I don´t get it anyway...:(


              When I export my movie it looks great at my computer - but not when I upload it to Youtube or Vimeo. I use Premiere Elements 14 for the first time. When put the Movie from my camera It takes the settings as this picture shows:proj.jpg. You can also see that I use the european standard - which is PAL? And I got the Swedish language - I hope you can understand and help me anyway... I would be very greatful for further help. Here you can see my movie uploaded to youtube when exported as the name of it... https://youtu.be/_nYkTt5VB5c


              I also got the old premiere Elements (version 10). How can I export the new projects from Premiere elements 14 - to continue the work at the computer where I have PE 10?


              thank you so muck for your time,


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Yes, your video project is set up for PAL video.


                Your video on YouTube looks pretty good to me, Marie!


                There is no way to take a project started in version 14 and finish editing it in version 10. Newer version projects are not compatible with older versions of the program. In fact, you can not even open a version 14 project in version 13.

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks to your reply to my post 2.


                  You cannot open a 14 project in any version earlier than it. There is only one exception that I have ever found to this backward comparibility issue, that is, I can open a Premiere Elements 10 project in Premiere Elements 8.0/8.0.1. Never figured out why.


                  To your immediate question about getting best possible upload for YouTube.....let me clarify what I wanted you to try


                  1. For Timeline export to file saved to computer hard drive and then uploaded to YouTube at the YouTube web site.

                  Premiere Elements 14

                  Export & Share

                  Go to Devices/Custom/ and set the Preset for MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p25 (See Screenshot below)


                  Even with a PAL project preset, Preset was listing only the p30 version. If you get Preset showing as MPEG4 H.264 1920 x 1080p25, then do not bother with the Advanced Settings (step 5).


                  Premiere Elements 14 built in You Tube Feature....


                  If your Timeline is less than 15 minutes and you want to use Premiere Elements 14 built in YouTube feature, then

                  Export & Share/Online/YouTube. But here the Quality is for Standard (5 Mbps) or High (8 Mbps). Compare to 32 Mbps from the above route.

                  And, even if I have PAL project preset, the frame rate is still 29.97 and not 25.


                  This 14 feature does not give the file size/duration limit, but you should find that there is a limit of about 14.5 minutes.


                  Please consider and let me know if this expanded overview made my suggestions clearer. If not, please let me know where I am not clarifying enough.


                  I watched your video. The clarify was good. There seemed to be some areas that could have been lightened, but I am not sure if that was because of my computer monitor. So evaluate that comment using your judgment.


                  Best wishes



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                    marrehall Level 1

                    First - so happy for your answer!! Thank You! I will not give up PE 14 because of you;) Yout screenshot helped me a lot!!

                    Did you mean that I should change to 30 fps - instead of 25? Or from 30 to 25...? I´ve tried both - and it looks better with 30 fps - is that right?! Here is a new link: Släpp Maskingringen loss - Det är HÖST! - YouTube


                    (And yes you have right that some areas could have been lightended...)


                    One more question... How about if I have a longer Project - is it possible to work in shorter pieces? And finally put them all together? How do I export everey piece to put them all in the same project?


                    Have a really good day


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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the reply with good news. Apologizes for the delayed reply. I got detoured and an using today to catch up.


                      If you have a 25 progressive frames per second source video and project settings, then I would keep the export/upload frame rate at 25 progressive frames per second. And, if 25 interlaced frames per second source video and project settings, then I would keep the export/upload frame rate at 25 interlaced frames per second. Also, sometimes you can get into problems if you try to match a PAL source with its typically 25 frames per second with a NTSC export with its typical 29.97/30 frames per seconds.


                      If you have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 64 bit, you should be able to do a copy/paste insert between Premiere Elements projects. I have not confirmed this yet for Premiere Elements 14. See ClipMate which is a Windows Only software.

                      ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: ClipMate Copy/Paste Between Projects


                      You can create several small projects and export each to a file saved to the computer hard drive. And, then import each of those individual exports into a new project for the final export with all on the Timeline. Important to keep the import/export settings consistent through out. Some recommend as the export - Lagarith .avi. After you download and install a free Lagarith codec, it will be available to you in Premiere Elements 14 using the route

                      Export & Share



                      and clicking on the Advanced Settings Tab under which you customize according to the following settings in the Export Settings advanced area. The route to an AVI export is not as obvious as in prior versions of Premiere Elements...

                      AVI Route.JPG


                      Please consider the above. If any questions or need clarification, please ask.


                      Best wishes