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    Lightroom not synchronizing new subfolders since 6.2 upgrade


      My work flow, I have my main photo folder and sub folders by month, date and use synchronize folder option to import into lightroom, . on export I export to a sub folder I call exports and lightroom creates the sub folder and save images there, so that is working as usual

      and  until this mornings upgrade if I synced  the date folder it would find the new files and new folder and synch with the new export folder added automatically, not it finds the new images but when I try and sync says no photos found..so  I created a sub folder with light room select it and then it would sync, but I never had to do this, lightroom would find the new exported files and folder and add the folder and photos in one shot on synchronization, something has changed, or something I have to change in settings to allow light room to import the new folder in sync with out having to add it manually?