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    Problem with multi-column tables and column span


      I don't know where to report this problem; I have made my own workaround but to me this seems like a bug of some kind. I was having a problem with a document that had several tables; Indesign kept crashing/freezing when I tried to edit one specific table. I tried all the usual fixes - deleting my profile settings file, saving the file as an .indl file, restarting my computer - nothing worked. I ran across an old post regarding tables and an issue with spanning columns (regarding CS 3//4). As it turns out the table that had issues was a 3-column table with the page heading spanning the 3 columns. When I turned off the column span on the heading, suddenly I could edit the table without any more crashing!


      So I decided to test with a new document. Nothing loaded - not even styles or swatches. I made a text box, typed some text for a heading, made a 2-column table, changed the layout to 3-column, then selected the heading and chose "span all". As soon as i clicked back onto the table, indesign froze.


      Now it is a pain for me to have to put all my page headings in seperate text boxes, but at least I know how to keep InDesign from crashing. Hope this helps anyone else having this issue, and maybe the Indesign team will see it and fix it.

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          Christophe_Jossic Adobe Employee

          Can you maybe provide more details as to:


          • What version of InDesign you are using (is this only CS 3-4) ?
          • Is this with all documents?
          • Are these documents coming from older versions of InDesign?
          • What happens if you export to IDML and then open that IDML back in InDesign?


          Alternatively, if InDesign crashes, you can retrieve the application crash log from your system and call up Support so somebody can look into this for you,

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            mlukowski@cornellpump.com Level 1
            • I am using Adobe InDesign CC 2015
            • It appears to be with all documents
            • It does happen when creating an entirely new document
            • If exported to IDML and re-opening, it still occurs
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              Christophe_Jossic Adobe Employee


              reading your answers, it does look like it could be a bug.

              You need to get in touch with Support so someone can help you retrieve the log files and report this to the product team.

              See Contact Customer Care    

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                I've been having this problem ever since the column span was introduced. It doesn't happen all the time, but only on certain documents. It appears to be related to the interrelation of spanning headers, footnotes, and balanced columns. A combination of spanning headers with footnotes will do it, and balanced columns can make it worse. .


                It doesn't happen all the time, but seems at its worst with a longer document (20+ pages) and lots of footnotes. I think it's a function of these factors, and is triggered by situations in the text which leave the app confused about where to place a footnote when the text reflows. It most commonly occurs when I'm editing text.


                I've made a workaround in which the spanning header styles are set to begin in the next frame (done in the Keep menu). Then, I can flow the text and then set the Keep to start the header Anywhere, bringing the spanning header up where it belongs. If this crashes, then I can turn off the Next Frame setting individually for each header, starting at the beginning of the document. This will usually show me which header is causing the problem, and then I can twiddle with frames. If there are edits to be done, I set all the headers to Next Frame, edit, and then undo the Next Frame setting. Byzantine, but it gets the job done.


                Yes, it's a bug, and one that Adobe has not been able to fix for a couple years.