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    Editing Text Atrociously Slow in CC2015

    RyanPatch Level 1

      Hello -

      I am a less-experienced AE user, so I am hoping that someone will be able to help me pinpoint what's going on here.


      I am an editor and I use AE for a subtitle workflow on foreign-language films that I do.  I import a subtitle file (in .SRT format) using AE script's Subtitle Importer.  This makes one text layer with keyframes that change the "Source Text" over the course of the comp.  I can then lay this comp into Premiere and then I have very nice, consistent subtitles that I can tweak at any time using dynamic link.  I have been using this workflow for a couple of years and it's worked pretty well.


      However, upon upgrading to CC2015 there is a large problem with this.  Editing the text on this subtitle later has gotten INCREDIBLY slow - a 10-25 second wait between typing something and seeing the result onscreen.  While waiting for the typed text to appear, I can select the text in the text box and SEE the shape of the typed text (so AE knows it's in there) but it takes a long time to get the text onscreen.  Also, re-positioning the playhead on the timeline takes a similar amount of time to change the preview.  This amount of time is cut down slightly if 1/4 rez is selected, but not by much.


      Adding NEW text layers is very snappy.  Other AE work is just as quick as before.  But these hour-long text layers that change 300 times are SIGNIFICANTLY slower than they were in CC2014 (I have opened this same file in 2014 and confirmed - it works great).  The slowness also seems to be relatively proportional to how many keyframes the subtitle layer has on it (more = slower).


      Ironically, when this comp is imported into Premiere, it plays back much smoother.


      So, the answer would SEEM to be "just work in CC2014".  However, because my Premiere project is in CC2015, the dynamic link only works with AE2015.  I even tried uninstalling AE2015 to get Premiere to use AE2014, but it wouldn't work, and all of my linked comps showed up offline, and I it wouldn't allow me to re-link them.


      Is this a known issue with a known solution?  I am having this problem on both my laptop and my desktop.  If you are interested in seeing my project, here it is:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/hqyny4o8l705xsw/Subtitles2.aep?dl=0