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    Does anyone know where I could find this script?


      Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of a script that would take a selected object and multiply the same object in random sizes to fit as many as possible on an art board. The min and max size should be specified. I have a bat vector, and I want to create many different sizes and have them spaced as close as possible so I can cut them out on my cutter plotter. In essence, fit as many different sizes in the least amount of material. So what I was going to do was to create an art board the width and the length of the vinyl I am using, select the bat (object), run the script and then it would fit as many as it could ranging from all different sizes. I found a few scripts that will randomly size objects but nothing that will fit the art board full. Has anyone seen this or is it even possible? Thanks!

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          Qwertyfly... Level 4

          this sort of thing is possible.

          but to sort out the math for this is a BIG task.

          the process is called Nesting.

          nesting software can be very expensive due to the complex algorithms needed to arrange everything well.


          there are addons for illustrator that can do this.

          this one is is around $50

          eCut Adobe Illustrator plugins: nesting, plotting, cnc - Main

          I've never used these as I tend to do this type of layout manualy.


          this will not create all the different size items but just arrange the items you have.

          you could use the random size script you mention.

          then run a nesting addon

          then a bit of manual tweaking to fill any remaining space.



          The other option would be to make a Tile that could be arranged.

          manually layout a square with bats then tile it across your page.