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    lightroom 6.2 crashing

    dineshb29241042 Level 1

      lightroom crashing updated new lightroom 6.2 on my mac 10.11 help out ?

      did creating new catalogs

      and also tried to reset the preferences

      please help


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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi dineshb29241042,


          • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
          • Click on the General tab
          • Uncheck “Show ‘Add Photos’ Screen”Restart Lightroom
          • Also please Go to the Preferences > Performance Tab, and uncheck "Use Graphics Processor "
          • Restart Lightroom and see if it works.




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            Thomas Alvarez

            I had the same problem. Only unchecked the "Add Photos" screen setting and it seems to work now. Perhaps that feature should have been tested better. This was immediately obvious as I tried to do an import of photos and every time it crashed.

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              CatOne Level 2

              It's almost like this OS X El Capitan took Adobe by surprise.


              I mean it was only announced by Apple back in June. Maybe all the Adobe folks took a 5 month vacation and came back and were surprised by the news. That or the QA staff isn't very good. Must be one or the other

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                jalle Level 1

                Since "Add Photos" is an option under Preferences -> General or even an option at all, Adobe must have been aware of this causing problems all along.

                Is it just me or have all the performance gains I felt going from 5.x -> 6 just been negated by these latest "improvements"?

                LR is turning into a bloated mess, please fix it Adobe!!

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                  Tanja2014 Level 3

                  CatOne schrieb:


                  It's almost like this OS X El Capitan took Adobe by surprise.




                  well with windows the situation is not much better....

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                    jalle Level 1

                    In a way I'm glad to hear

                    No, seriously, this points to bugs in the shared codebase, and makes it more likely to get resolved.

                    The new "improved" import dialog is the worst, though, it is just slooooow and does not detect my camera 50% of the time (I have to restart and reconnect via USB). What's with the gigantic tick marks that obscure the thumbnails???!!

                    Sadly, this looks like Adobe's new design language (big whitespace between text labels and big buttons with dumbed down UI).

                    I have been despising Photoshop Elements for years for exactly the same reasons (slow and clunky UI, hidden settings, limited options).

                    Can't wait for LR 7 and to see how they manage to screw up the rest of the interface! (perhaps it will be called Lightroom Elements?)

                    Export doesn't seem to work properly either, crashes LR randomly when saving to a network drive or external HD.

                    What happened to Quality Control ??????