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    How to edit an Adobe Stock image?


      I've bought an image off Adobe Stock, but when I add it into InDesign, it tells me I can't edit it. It's a Christmas invitation so obviously I need to be able to change the text information on it, can anyone please help? *Pulling my hair out*


      Christmas invite.jpg

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          Pattie-F Level 7

          Moving to Stock forum for assistance.


          You may find some links provided here useful: 

          FAQ: Where can I find useful links about using Adobe Stock?

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            Did you ever get an answer? I am wondering the same thing!

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              Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

              The image you got is in an ai/eps format. I'm not going to purchase the imaging using one of my credits to answer your question, but you should download it and then use a vector-based drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator to open the file.


              Depending on how professional the creator of the file is, you will have several options available.


              • •Use the Selection (or Direct Selection) tool to select one of the items. You can change its fill color, resize it, etc.
              • •Use the Type tool to highlight the text, delete it, and then substitute your own. However, based on the image preview, it is very likely that some (if not all) of the text has been converted to outlines.
              • •If the text is outlined, use the Selection (or Direct Selection) tool to delete the outlined text and then type in your own.
              • •Again, depending on the professionalism of the creator, any of the following may have been done to the art. You may have problems editing them depending on your proficiency using Illustrator.
              • The art may be grouped into one item that is selected at once. Select and ungroup (Cmd/Ctrl-G)
                • The art may be on a layer that is locked. Open the layers panel and click to remove the Lock icon.
                • The art that repeats around the page, such as the snowflakes in the top left and right corners may be symbols that need special treatment to be edited. Find the symbol in the symbols panel and double click the symbol in the Symbols panel or the instance of the symbol on the page.
                • The repeating dashed line around the polygon are most likely a custom stroke. They can be edited in the Stroke panel.
                • There are some other sophisticated features such as masks and compound paths that may be applied.
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                Can you expound on editing images? I have "placed" three images into a logo I'm designing: each have a white or black background. How do I make the background transparent?

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                  ronzonni Level 1

                  I just licensed and downloaded an ai/eps group of communication icons with drop shadow. When I initially opened in Illustrator, it was a flat image. Couldn't ungroup or select individual icons. The layer was not locked.


                  I finally figured out that you need to double click the image name in the Downloads library to ungroup it.


                  I wish that Adobe Stock downloading and using stock images would be a little more intuitive and not such a complicated process.


                  Thanks for letting me unload.

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                    Thank you for taking the time to post this, your response was most valuable.


                    This was so frustrating.

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                      Why don't they make this stuff clear? Thank you!