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    exporting fireworks with button

      This may be a stupid question with a simple answer but bear with me. I have used Fireworks for many years but have not created a button rollover for a while and everything is different. I have Fireworks 7.0 (PC)

      I created a symbol for the button using edit > insert > new button. Created an up and over state for it. Duplicated and edited the button to create a few more for a navigation bar. Then dragged them from the library and placed them in the document. In Properties I entered a URL for a link for each button and indicated the Alt text. OK so far so good. I have all my buttons in a nice little row and am very proud of my self.

      But now what!? How do I get this in Dreamweaver?
      I assume you export the page and I exported the page File > Export. Save as type: HTML and Images/ Slices: Export Slices, etc etc.
      But the HTML that is exported does not have button inteactivity (nor did it pick up the Link and Alt text I inidcated earlier.

      I can't find anything in the documentation that explains how to export a Fireworks file that includes buttons. How do you do it?

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          OK forget my question. Since I was starting with an already existing file I had two overlapping slice elements: the first I created when originally created the file without rollovers, the second when importing the buttons. I deleted the orginal slices, applied link to the button slice. It works now when exported.