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    Lightroom 5 deleting all my originals


      hey im currently using light-room 5 but ive noticed its deleting all my originals once i go back to edit them again why would this be happening...


      i noticed last night i went to grab a copy of the original put it in light-room then it deleted out of the file and i cant get it back and ive really needed some photos


      what can i do to stop it, light-room its like set on auto delete


      you can email me on carpediemphotography15@gmail.com
      much quicker to respond

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You should be posting this in the LR forum, not the DNG forum, right, since this is an issue with LR.


          It’s not entirely clear what you mean by “deleting all my originals.”  Do you mean that the files are not on the hard-disk, anymore, or that they aren’t in LR, anymore?  And when you import are you importing from the camera/memory card or from a location on the hard-drive?


          LR doesn’t have auto-delete.  It does, however, have a Move import type, so if you’re importing from wherever the photos are on your hard-drive and accidentally have the Move instead of the Add import type, then the files would be moved to whatever destination you have specified in LR for Move or Copy type imports as part of the Import process.  If they are still in LR, then right-click on one and choose Show in Explorer/Finder and see where it is on the hard-disk.


          If you mean the photos are no longer in LR, then perhaps you’re opening an old catalog or creating an entirely new catalog.  It would be helpful to have some clarification on what you’re doing and what you’re seeing.

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            wadek15 Level 1

            Thank you so much im gonna have a look possible ive clicked move by mistake

            n not relised how dumb am i if i did sorry bout the wrong post unsure how

            to work this site