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    GeorgeWS Level 1
      I have this kinda working. I have an error in my script

      The error line is:
      thePrintView.myData.dataProvider = myData.dataprovider;

      The error is:
      Access of possibly undefined property dataProvider through a ref. with static type mx.collections:ArrayCollection

      My Array that fills the datagrid is called "myData"

      Can anyone tell me what is going on

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          jlingwai Level 1
          you cant not set thePrintView.myData.dataProvider equal to another dataprovider. set it equal to the arrayCollection that is the myData dataProvider.

          public var myArry:ArrayCollection;

          public function initApp():void{
          myData.dataProvider = myArry;
          thePrintView.myData.datProvider = myArry;
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            GeorgeWS Level 1
            Thanks alot!
            I figured it out. Where can I get info on making the output layout landscape. I see other stuff like font alternatRowColor but no layout margins etc.
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              jlingwai Level 1
              I wanted to do the same thing. You are unable to change the printOrientation using flex. However, you can check the orientation and rotate it accordingly. I found a problem with this though. If you rotate the printDatagrid it will not display the data. I haven't tried but maybe if you rotate a canvas with a printDatagrid as a child it might work.
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                flexsam Level 1
                Just remember the rule of the thumb... whenever any component is rotated (which has text), if you want the text to show up/printed the text needs to be embeded.