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    transferred files to external drive, drive not appearing in folders

    cranberry dad

      Help!  My C drive was out of space, so I hooked up a new NAS device, and moved a bunch of picture files to the NAS (Z drive).  When I opened Lightroom (v. 5.7), both the C drive and the Z drive were showing as folders.  I went through a "find missing files" procedure and re-linked all of the missing folders to the folders on the NAS drive.  But when I closed and re-opened Lightroom, the Z drive does not appear as a folder, and all of the original folders from which I transferred the files are showing in the C drive folder with the "?" for files missing.  Not sure why it is doing this and why the Z drive is not showing in Lightroom.  Any idea how to get the Z drive back in the folders list so that those picture files are accessible?  Please help.  I'm concerned that I did something to mix up the link and I don't want to lose any picture files.  Thanks.