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    Lightroom not updating images edited in Photoshop

    Houston.Brown Level 1

      If I bring an image in to Photoshop CC2015 from LIghtroom CC via command-e (or image > Edit in ? Photoshop CC) Do my edits, save the Photoshpo file, then go back to Lightroom I used to see the edits that I just did in Photoshop reflected in Lightroom. More often than not, it does nothing. I have to quite Lightroom and restart it to see updates. I never have to do this before but as of all the new CC I am seeing this more and more. Is there some setting that is not correct? What the hell. This is a major pain in the you know what and is definitely killing my workflow.


      I was  thinking it had something to do with the exclamation point I con I get in the thumbnail of the image in Lightroom. never understood why this even happens. I press "Overwrite Settings" in the dialog box, nothing changes other thean the exclamation disapears from the thumbnail.

      Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 8.58.45 PM.png


      Many thanks,