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    unble to code to find a file path

      i just started using flex beta3 and i tried to developed an application in which i used an image control and a button-control.The thing is that i can provide the source path of the picture during design time and it get loaded but when i provided a code using the browse() method and it helps somewhat in my application by showing the "open file window" and i can select the image, whatever i want but it didn't loaded into my image control i mean the selected picture is unable to load into image control in my application . I also used the "file reference" property in my application. Pliz solve it.
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          ntsiii Level 3
          What will you use to do the search?

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            prdv Level 1
            Let me see if I understand:
            You are using FileReference class to browse for an image file in your local file system and then, you want to load that image into a <mx:image> control?
            I so, lamentably, the answer is YOU CAN NOT DO IT because of a built it Flash Player Security Rule.
            In the same way, you can not drop files into the flash world or even drag items outside that world, write files in a specific and well-known path (Common Files in Win or Home/Library/... in MacOS and many other things that could be very interesting.... What can we do?... it's the law.