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    Firefox google etc

    pete1009 Level 1

      Hi can someone please tell me why my page load up with perfect in one browser and far from perfect in another browser.

      I understand that different browsers have different load up speed but its only a small page so i dont understand.


      I have my first page (Enter Page), which has a video playing on the background,2 animations which ive used "animate.css) and a enter button which takes the user to my main page of my website, by the way Im only testing it on my laptop so shouldnt effect the load up but it does.


      It works fine in firefox but not in google, the animations happen so fast that u can hardly notice the effect, and the first thing you see when the page loads up is the enter button.


      Any help will e great.  Im sure its a simple solution as i have seen many website designed similar to mine.



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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is the website address?

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            pete1009 Level 1

            I dont Have it online,I can send the coding if that helps



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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Run your pages through the validator at http://validator.w3.org/nu


              That will give you a listing of your html errors. HTML errors are a huge cause of cross browser display issues. If you clean all of your errors up and the problem persists, post all of the code from the page and any attached .css file here in the forum.


              Do not use an email reply to post the code, it won't come through. You'll need to use a browser to come to the forum to post all of your code.


              It is much, much easier for us to help if you upload your pages to a server though.

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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                pete1009 wrote:


                I dont Have it online.



                We've been over this before.  You need to find some web server space and put your files online so we can see exactly what you see in our browsers. Anything less is just a waste of everyone's time.  We want to help you but you must meet us halfway.


                If you're not certain how to connect to your web host, you enter the FTP log-in credentials they gave you into the DW Site > Manage Sites panel under Servers.  See screenshot.



                Root Directory is where you upload your HTML files and assets.  This varies by web host.  If unsure which root directory to specify ask your hosting provider.



                Nancy O.

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