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    New Lightroom mobile update


      the new Lightroom mobile is organized differently with a photo count on the top. Anyone know where these photos are coming from and how to adjust it in my desktop versions?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi davidl,


          Its due to the Update to Lightroom Mobile 1.3


          What New:


          •          Total color control. Refine the individual colors in your photos with the new Color / B&W adjustment tool.
          •          Just the right tone. Precisely control the tone of your photo with the new Tone Curve adjustment tool.
          •         Stand out. Bring out the best in your photos with adjustable vignettes.
          •         Find your photos faster. The new ‘Lightroom Photos’ collection displays your Camera Roll photos and videos by date, so you can find them faster.
          •         Your photo at its best. Crop the perfect photo with a redesigned experience that enables you to quickly adjust, align and auto-straighten.
          •         TIFF Filetype Support


          Hope it helps.




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            shuttleman Level 1

            I think I have a similar question.   I see my syncd collections and then I have a new line that has a photo count of nearly 12,700 photos.   If  click on that row I then can get a thumb name preview of all those photos.  There are obviously way more photos listed there than in my shared collections.  I didn't realize I gave permission for Lightroom to see all of those photos which means at least some of these photos are being uploaded to an Adobe server.   Is that what is going on?    I have checked and it isn't all the photos  my catalog. So what makes it to this list?   Please help.  This is actually a very big concern (not on this account  but another) because I work on a project in which we use Lightroom to edit our photo but we have never shared them to a device because it would upload the photos to your servers which would be a security breach for our particular area.   Your explanation on this new feature would be highly useful in our efforts to assess the risk. 



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              MrhoniKeith Level 1

              I have the exact same question?  Is this set of photos = to the collections synced to my iPad + the photos in my camera roll on the iPad?  If yes, then I would guess those are not synced anywhere, just a way to see available photos to add to a collection - yes/no?

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                shuttleman Level 1



                This is what I now know about this.  The "Lightroom Photos" is a list of all the photos you have every sync to your Ipad (mobile device).  You may remove a collection from sync but those photos are still available on your online account.  So you can actually add them back if you wanted to.  The big concern I had was where are those photos and what if I don't want them on the Adobe servers any more?  Well the answer is you can purge them all through a setting in your preferences on your desktop version of Lightroom (I think that is where I found it but I'm not at home in front of my desktop).  The photos available to from your ipad can be added via the "camera roll" at the bottom of the screen.  In my examaple there are 176 photos on my camera roll and I could create a collection that syncs those back to my desktop (that collection is called Ipad content right now).  It doesn't show the same number of picture because I don't have the auto add and sync selected right now. 


                Did I answer your questions?  If not let me know what I missed and I will try to help you out.     

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                  MrhoniKeith Level 1

                  So now I just did more checking on the content of what is in "Lightroom Photos".  I forgot I had done some thing several days ago......


                  I think when I first got the updated version of LR Mobile, I saw lots of images in "Lightroom Photos" that were in the camera roll.  Auto Add was turned on.  I then went into "Lightroom Photos" and deleted everything that did not look like it belonged to one of the Collections I was syncing with LR desktop.  I have since turned off Auto Add.  When I look at what is shown in "Lightroom Photos", the number of photos displayed is a number higher than the sum of the collections, so it seems broken on the count.


                  Next what I don't like is what I think will happen next....

                  1) I have an event and will import from the SD card onto the iPad.  These will be stored in the Photos app. Meanwhile, there will be collection in LR Mobile that I will turn Auto Add on.  I will be doing in person sales so I will use LR Mobile to view the images with the clients. 

                  2) Will I now have 2 copies of the image in LR Mobile?  One copy in "Lightroom Photos" and one copy in the collection?  I think there will be just one copy as I just tried to delete a photo from "Lightroom Photos" that I know is in one of the collections and as I started to delete, a message appeared telling me it would delete the photo from the collection.


                  Maybe its becoming a little clearer as I've written this and maybe the issue is as simple as being able to turn off "Auto Add" for "Lightroom Photos" specifically.  I don't want photos from my camera roll to automatically go into Lightroom Mobile, I want them to go into a specific collection when I decide I want that to occur.


                  A normal process for me is to load event photos from SD card to my iPad so I can take a peek using the Photos app.  When done I delete them from the Photos app.  I don't want them automatically adding into Lightroom Mobile.  Then I have 2 places to mass delete the photos.

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                    MrhoniKeith Level 1

                    I took a look in LR desktop and see there is a collection "From Lr mobile".  It has a count of 202 photos.  I have Sync with Lightroom Mobile turned on, so not sure why the numbers don't match.


                    Basically, considering myself intelligent and have a tech background, this is much too complicated and much more than I want.  I really liked the previous way LR Mobile synced and Auto Add was only for the collection I chose.  I do know that when that is turned on, all images from the camera roll get sucked in.  I would have preferred it only auto added to images added to the camera roll AFTER the auto add was turned on.

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                      shuttleman Level 1

                      The hard thing about forums it relies on writing communication which I suck at.  Sometimes I wonder if some sort of video forum would be nice because a back and forth of a verbal conversation allows us to truly understand our questions and frustrations.


                      Not sure I'm going to give you any new insight or answer any of your questions or concerns.  I might be missing the boat completely.


                      "Lightroom Photos" - I don't think this ever syncs to your Ipad unless a collection is created on your Ipad and the specific photos are added.  I think I have chosen to to think of "Lightroom Photos" as history of all photos synced to your ipad and it can be erased if you want (though the desktop setting I mentioned earlier).


                      I really don't think the sync has changed in this version.  The only difference in that main screen is the addition of the "lighroom photos" which I think was always there but we didn't have visibility to it before.


                      Now that I have poured into more I'm understanding the changes more and I like what I see.  Lightroom Mobile has become a major part of my work flow.  I dump the photos to computer and sync them to my ipad.  From there I do all the sorting and eliminating I need.  I do other adjustments too but finalize my picture on the computer.  This has allowed me to get away from the desktop more and my wife is very grateful for that.  That in itself is worth the $10 a month.


                      Good Luck! 

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                        MrhoniKeith Level 1

                        Today, I'm spending time looking for all jpg's that are not in a collection.  So far, what I see are hundreds of photos that must have been sent from LR mobile to LR desktop via the sync.  These specific photos, raw files,  are already in LR desktop in collections.


                        I guess this is my main issue.  I'm pretty sure this jpg's are all from my loading from the SD card to the iPad.  I don't like that they came back to LR desktop.  I didn't ask LR to do this and don't know where to tell it to stop it or I'm going to send it to its room and think about what its done.