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    Flash email form woes

    Krystle Klear Design
      I am almost there; but, now I'm completely stumped!!!
      I have been trying to figure out this part of the problem for the better part of the day; but no joy! Please help!

      I found this awesome tute: http://www.thegoldenmean.com/technique/flashMX_mailform1.html (thanks Steve Nelson!).
      To which I made some changes resulting in this form:


      The problem is 2-fold:
      1. After sending the data, the movie clip keeps processing and does not move to the next frame.
      2. I receive the data via email; but, data from the ComboBox field is always "undefined"

      I tested the php script w/ this html file ( http://www.spectrumscene.com/frent.html) and it processes fine. It's when I try to process it from the flash player that I run into problems.

      I am using Flash 8 professional and have attached the php script below.
      Fla is here: http://www.spectrumscene.com/mailForm2.fla

      I have no idea what the problem is or how to move beyond this point.
      Can someone please assist??
      Thanks in advance.