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    thunderbolt issues

    davem22372999 Level 1

      HI, ive recently upgraded our server capabilities from a 2004 Powermac G5 running 10.5.1 with 10 base ethernet and extra 2tb internal drive (which was basically the server). It served both macs and pcs (12 in total until the hard disk failed).

      We upgraded to a late 2014 macmini running Yosemite and connected that to a lacie 5tb external  drive with 2 thunderbolt connections.


      After transferring all digital assets from backup and set sharing permissions ive noticed the windows pcs are not connecting as they used to via ethernet, they can log into the mac mini (direct from ethernet connection) but not onto the 5tb external (thunderbolt). Ive read a few articles regarding thunderbolt devices having issues with windows computers but nothing that would help me resolve anything. I was wondering if anyone else is having similar issues?