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    Can I set my monthly subcription on hold?




      I read the "tems and conditions" and it doesn't say if I can put my monthly subscription on hold, or if I can cancel it and restart it some months later. I understand there could be some fee charges if I would have an annual subscription, but I have a monthly one, do I also have to pay charges? And if so, do I have to pay charges also to reactivate it?


      The "activate and deactivate product" is also not very specific. If I deactivate an aplication, do I automatically stop paying the monthyl fee? And again, do I have to pay extra when I reactivate it?


      Thank you!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The subscription applies for the length of time it is agreed to when you purchase it.  As you found, there are no provisions for putting it on hold and then resuming it at a later time.  If it is a month to month subscription, as opposed to an annual subscription that is paid month to month, then you can cancel it any time without penalty (nor refund).