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    Converting Indesign table layout to Excel format


      Hi -


      I'm currently designing an identity for a client and have just had approval on the A4 Letterhead / Invoice template:




      The client needs this supplying as both a printed item and also an Excel file so he can input contents himself and send customers letters and invoices digitally when the need arises.


      I want the printed letterheads (Indesign) and the digital letterheads (Excel) to look identical... and no, he won't purchase Indesign!


      The letterhead design is essentially an Indesign table on an A4 sheet. All the contents on it (logo, address, contact details etc) are within cells on the table. The linework is simple borders on the table.


      Is it possible for me to input this table including the cell contents into Excel retaining all the linework, formatting and cell measurements so i have an identical Excel version of the letterhead?