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    More Lightroom Crashing (LR 6.2 and OSX 10.11)

    Steveatesh Level 1

      Like some others here I have upgraded my imac to El Capitan and almost simultaneously saw there was an upgrade for my stand alone LR 6.1.1 to LR 6.2, which i did.


      I am now experiencing multiple crashes with Lightroom, for example when sorting photos using the X key the Photos delete, trying to do a panorama, and general use.


      After reading suggestions on here I have turned off the "Show Add Photos screen" in preferences but this has not made any difference - still crashing.


      I do have the use GPU for performance turned on - but I'd rather not turn it off as that was the main reason I upgraded to LR 6 in the first place.


      Having used LR 5 and lately LR 6 for some time with no crashes at all this is very disappointing.


      In addition it will no longer import from my Nikon camera using the USB cable. It recognises the photos, and shows some (but only a minority) of photos with thumbnails (the rest show "Pre View is not available for this image") and once I have set the details I want and click import, it just hangs there doing nothing. No import.


      it did import when i plugged the SD card directly into the iMac, but up to now i've always been able to use the cable which i prefer as it saves taking the SD card from the camera.


      If anybody has any suggestions I would appreciate it, or do i just sit back and wait for Adobe to sort this out as its not just me by the look of things.


      if i have to downgrade to LR 6.1.1 how do i do that please?