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    Panaasonic Filters Test

    glugglug Level 1

      Just wondering if someone could try something out for me? I'm just using a Panasonic GX8. I've set it to RAW only quality and to use, for example, the Sunlight Filter. This gives a  bright burst of  reflection where you choose to place it. Here's what I'd like to check:


      Having shot the RAW image (not RAW+JPG), on reviewing the results on the camera monitor, the Sunshine Filter has done its work. On importing into Lightroom, the Sunshine Filter is present for a second or two before the image reverts to an unaffected RAW image. Would someone  with a Panasonic camera try this and confirm my result is normal?


      Obviously RAW images should not be affected and in the end they are not but I find the behaviour slightly eccentric. If the RAW image is viewed in Windows Explorer or my Directory Opus file manager or Irfanview, the filtered result is shown. My assumption is that this is because the camera playback and file manager/ viewers are using the JPG preview embedded  in the RAW.


      I ask if others get this result because I am writing a book on the GX8 and would like to be sure that this behaviour is standard rather than a bug in my particular camera. If standard it could be a little confusing for a newcomer to the model.

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          Geoff the kiwi Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are correct in your assumption. All the other apps you mention are reading the embedded jpeg preview. Lightroom reads that until the raw data has been read by Lightroom and a preview generated.

          If you want to see the result in Lightroom you will need to import jpegs from the camera. The same applies to any in camera filters such as b+w as well.

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            glugglug Level 1

            Thanks Geoff - as I said it's just to check if that is standard so that I don't mislead readers. Slightly eccentric behaviour, I think. More sensible would be to disable the filters when RAW is selected. If anyone has hands on information of this camera and this behaviour being standard, I'd be glad to have it confirmed.


            I never use JPG personally since for me it defeats the whole point of a decent camera and of Lightroom itself. That's why I was so surprised to see the filter effect present even in the generated preview.