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    After Effects CC 2015 - Comp Size Problem

    ahainen Level 1

      Demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_ux77wDvkE


      1. Imported multiple PSDs into AE CC 2015, grouped things in PS that I wanted to be comps.
      2. Selected “Retain Layer Size” upon importing, but the groups that became comps have the dimensions of the PSD, not the group bounding box.
      3. Tried searching for a script to resize comps to specific layer(s). No luck.
      4. Using the Region of Interest Tool, but the canvas flicks everytime I try and resize. (Very annoying, specs for iMac below, but I’ve had this happen on every computer I’ve tried).


      Basically, I need a faster way to get everything nice and tidy hierarchically in PS and then have AE acknowledge the bounding box of group folders I’ve made in PS, not the PSD dimensions. If that can’t happen, the Region of Interest Tool needs a lot of polish/bug fixing, it's a real pain to use.


      OSX 10.10.5, iMac 5k Retina, Late 2014)

      AE CC 2015.0.1