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    Flash Pro CS6 crashes during few seconds of work (after OS X El Capitan & Java update)

    Gevanni Level 1

      Hi everyone.


      Previously I did update my OS X to El Capitan, Java and were trying to set up few tools like FlashDevelop via trial CrossOver but I've left this idea and removed all downloaded files before I noticed those problems with my Flash Pro CS6. So I can't really tell why this started to happen.


      Today my Flash Pro CS6 started to crash randomly during:

      - Switching tabs of opened .fla documents.

      - When I open Flash Pro CS6's Preferences.

      - Clicking on stage shapes.

      - Creation of 2 empty new documents.

      - When I end dragging "Actions" panel from it's fixed state.


      Sometimes also this happens:

      - On attempt to create New Document nothing happens.

      - On attempt to open Preferences nothing happens.

      - On attempt to click tool tabs like "Actions", "Properties", "Timeline", "Output" they disappear and whole placeholder line becomes dark gray. Sometimes this happens when I click document titles, but usually it crashes in this case.

      - When I open Preferences "Font", "Style" and color picker boxes are not rendered in window.


      Also noticed that New Document screen also started to load slower than usual as much as "Welcome" screen which appears when Flash Pro CS6 is loaded.


      I have tried to remove "Flash CS6 Preferences" file and "Ctrl + Alt + Shift" thing during launch but this not helped much.

      I'm currently trying to re-download Flash Pro CS6 and I will try to reinstall it but since it is taking for a while I decided to start this thread until I can try reinstall.


      I've send Crash Reports multiple times but I'm not sure if they reach anything.

      Also I'm pretty sure I've seen Flash Pro CS6 crashing many time before but it was happening very rarely and was always happening after tab switching. Those were not that critical through.


      I would appreciate if anybody here knows about this problem or can help me since I can't do any of my work because of this now. Thanks...




      More Crash Reports here. They seem different:

      Dropbox - Adobe Flash Pro CS6 CrashReports


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