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    Non-breaking-space formula in FindChangeByList.txt




      i´ve a small problem with the FindChangeByList.txt.


      There is the following command:

      grep{findWhat:"(\d)[[:blank:]]([\l\u])"}{changeTo:"$1~S$2"}{IncludeLockedLayers:false , IncludeLockedStories:false , IncludeMasterPages:false , IncludeHiddenLayers:false , IncludeFootnotes:true , CaseSensitive:false , EntireWord:false , KanaSensitive:true , WidthSensitive:true }


      I´d like to reach the aim to get a non-breaking-space between a number and a text.

      When i try it in Indesign...

      Find: (\d)[[:blank:]]([\l\u])"}

      Change: $1~S$2

      ...it works

      When i start the the script with the command line, it doesn´t work. :/

      Could you help me?

      Thank you