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    Moved files within Lightroom, 2/3 flat out disappeared?!


      hi all,


      i'm reorganizing my catalog and just moved a folder containing 562 photos from my internal drive to an external drive *within lightroom.* it seemed to work just fine, but when i came back to the computer, the folder on the external drive only had 200 photos in it, and the folder on the internal drive was empty. they were also in a collection, and now the collection simply has 200 photos instead of 562. no errors were reported, no missing file notifications or anything! i searched in finder, trash, original and external HD directories, and found nothing. where did the photos go?! why would this happen?


      it seems to have moved them in the order of capture time, and the first (or "earliest") 200 migrated (up to 6:34pm), then there's just one from the end of the day (8:40pm), and everything i took in between those two times has vanished.


      fortunately i had the folder backed up, but last night i migrated 20k photos to the same external drive in the same manner, and now i'm terrified i may have lost a ton of stuff, without any rationale behind what was lost! anyone have any idea what's going on? using LR5 on an iMac, osx 10.10.4.