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      I must be very stupid.


      How do i acces a global variable is a pdf form in ES4???


      Variables.name.rawValue does not work...



      topmostSubform.Page2.CodeElementen.txtCijfer       works fine... for an object... where txtCijfer is a box.



      Can find it on google...



      Many Thanks!!

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          Magus069 Level 4

          If it is declared as a global variable in the PDF it should be .value instead of rawValue


          Hope this help!

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            Hunter191919 Level 1



            Still does not work... partly:


            if (this.rawValue < 0.666) {


            xfa.form.topmostSubform.onvoldoende1.value = 1; // think my path is wrong, but can't figure out what it should be...



            Does not work...


            "this.rawValue = onvoldoende1.value"  does work somewhere else...

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              Magus069 Level 4

              I think just using the name value should do the trick


              if (this.rawValue < 0.666) {

                   //Also global variables should be only strings, so you should give the value 1 as a string

                   onvoldoende1.value = "1";


              To make a integer value accessible, you would have to create your own script object and have get;set; functions

              By keeping the global variable as the accessible value, if you want to use it as an integer to use it for calculation you can use






              Hope this help!