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      Locked out of mobile access to ADE following firmware reset on Android OS.

      I have 2 mobile devices (Android OS), and have previously authorised these devices with Adobe. Over the lives of the devices, I have had to reset the firmware on each multiple times. Unfortunately, it seems that ADE treats the reset device as a new device, rather than the same. Each time I reauthorised my devices following a reset, I was inadvertently racking up my activation count with Adobe. I must have finally reached my limit, because I now get the error "E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS" when attempting to reauthorise. There is no workaround for temporary access on Android the way there is for Windows. And there is no way to deauthorise the redundancies on my end, because all of those "devices" effectively ceased to exist upon resetting the firmware.

      Please, can someone with Adobe help me to get my activation count reset?