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    I cannot hide the parent folder, when I try I get an error message


      I have problem with my folder structures. All my photos are on a photos folder on an external drive. I see the drive and the folder where my photos are but I also see a folder called Volume and another

      folder wth a folder icon followed with a slash. When I tried to hide the folder a get this:


      An internal error has occurred.

      Database "/Users/francoisarbour/Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog.lrcat": UNIQUE constraint failed: AgLibraryFolder.rootFolder, AgLibraryFolder.pathFromRoot

        Statement: UPDATE AgLibraryFolder SET rootFolder = ?,pathFromRoot = ? WHERE id_local = ?; (error code 19)


      So my folder goes like this now :


      folder /


      external hard drive

      photos folder