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    Exclamation point & new "photos" folder



      I'm importing photos from my phone into the new "photos" app (iPhoto) by apple that comes with the new iOS. Sometimes i don't have to import from my phone as they have already been imported into "photos" (iPhoto) via iCloud. Anyway, in order to get these imported photos into Lightroom i drag them from "photos" (iPhoto) onto my desktop, then drag them into Lightroom. Lightroom then opens and i import the photos, all is good. After editing the photos in Lightroom i export to my desktop where i post, archive, email them, etc. My question is: How do i remove the original photo i dragged from "photos" (iPhoto) onto my desktop before dragging into Lightroom. I have the edited version, which is all i need, plus the original is still stored in "photos" (iPhoto). When i drag the unedited photo i originally dragged from "photos" into the trash i get an exclamation point on that photo in my Lightroom library even though the edited version is sitting right on my desktop. Lately I've been clicking the exclamation point and showing Lightroom (locating) where the file is, which is in the "photos" (iPhoto) folder and it disappears. I don't understand because the source file is in "photos" (iPhoto) so the file I'm putting in the trash should just be a copy but Lightroom seems to think this is the source file. Really I'm just getting tired of showing Lightroom where these files are, all i want on my desktop are the final edits because the originals are still in "photos" (iPhoto). Any input would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time.

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi thetreezfamily,


          • If you delete or move any folder or images outside Lightroom from their original location then you would see an exclamation mark on your image and a question mark on the folder where they reside in Lightroom.
          • According to your workflow you first get the images from Photo app to desktop and import in Lightroom. At that moment Lightroom points towards the images you have on your desktop.(original not edited one). The source file for Lightroom would always be the folder where you have stored the dragged images from Photo App.
          • Lightroom does not keep any reference to the exported images. So just leave the edited copies(export) in another folder.
          • If you do not want the files to be at your desktop once you export them with edits from Lightroom. You can remove the folder(original folder) within Lightroom which will delete the images from your desktop as well as Lightroom.


          Refer:Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Locate missing photos




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            dj_paige Level 9

            This is a rather cumbersome workflow, and certainly not the intended way to use Lightroom.


            Nevertheless, if you delete the original photo from within Lightroom, your problems ought to go away. If you delete in your operating system, then you have the problems you described.


            If I were you, I'd strongly consider changing your workflow, including using only ONE organizing program, either Photos, or Lightroom. If you use two such programs, then you have introduced a lot of extra work moving back and forth that isn't present if you use only a single organizing program. THere's a lot of information out there on better ways to use Lightroom, including Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 | Adobe TV.