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    bug/virus with expressInstall

      hi, i've been using express install for a while with good results, since yesterday my clients referred to get a virus when upgrading the flash player though express install. This morning i downloaded the flash detection kit from the related article in this website and using the original version of the express install i get this virus warning: Win32:Trojan-gen in www.macromedia.com\bin\fpupdateax\fpupdateax.exe

      somebody knows anything about it?
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          Hi i got almost the same, this morning my AVG antivirus found the fpupdateax.exe got the trojan downloader zlob.mqc virus so it was deleted. Guess adobe need to go trou the files they offer the public.
          ill contact adobe today and tell they what i found and hope they fix it right away, don´t think this is good for a company this size to have trojans in there files.