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    Impossible to contact ADOBE support, and I have 4 different problems and need them. HOW TO ???




      As wrote in the subject, I have different problems concerning Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom 6 and the access to support service.

      The only option  to which I have access  is this forum, although I really need technicians at adobe to solve all my problems.

      Can anybody give me :

      - a "link" to get the possibility to "chat" with an ADOBE support (or sale) service (any of them, but well an ADOBE);

      - or an email address (preferably in Belgium or France : problems can be better explained in its own language)

      - or a phone number (of ADOBE Belgium or ADOBE France) ?


      Many thanks for your help.


      My main problems in pictures...

      Lr-6.1 problem.jpg

      Creative Cloud problem.jpg

      Support options problem.jpg