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    Publishing to Flickr has stopped working


      I have been successfully publishing to Flickr for several months.  Last night (10/5/2015) this feature suddenly stopped working.  I had uploaded a collection during the day and when I went to update through Lightroom I am getting the following error message: "Can't update this collection. Could not contact the Flickr web service. Please check your Internet connection."  The internet connection is fine and when ask Lightroom to show me the collection in Flickr it is able to open the web browser and link to the Flickr album.  I have tried deauthorizing and reauthorizing and that has made no difference.  I did notice that when I Ok the authorization I get a pop up that has the Lr logo and the question "Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?"  Website is static.photshop.com.  I click on allow on this popup and a blank page is opened and then closed.  However, I am still not able to publish to Flickr.  I am running Lightroom 6.2. Can anyone help?