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    Office / PowerPoint 2016 support?

    raymondpirouz Level 1

      I just installed Office (latest version since I'm on subscription and can only get the latest version from Microsoft) 365 which includes the 2016 apps and Adobe Presenter does not seem to work / has incompatibility issues. I tried 10 which I own and also downloaded a trial of 11 and no luck.


      When will you be updating Presenter for 2016 compatibility?

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          zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee

          Hi Raymond,


          Both Presenter 10 and 11 are compatible with Office 2016.

          Could you please tell me what issue are facing exactly?

          Is it the Presenter Plug-in missing from your Power point? If that is the case, please refer to - https://helpx.adobe.com/presenter/kb/presenter-not-loading.html



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            raymondpirouz Level 1

            Thanks for trying to help.


            Here's the issue: I obtained a new machine and installed Windows, the latest office, all my apps, etc. I then connected the drive containing my work. When I launch PPT and try to open a PPT file I created with Presenter before I switched machines, I get an error telling me there is a problem with the file and it won't even open. If Presenter has no problem with Office 2016 then I assume the problem is that Presenter can't find the file associations (audio/etc.) with the PPT file since this is a new install. However, all my work files are in the folders as I originally created them although the new drive letter associated with the work folder may be different. Is there a way for me to resolve this type of issue if this is indeed the problem?

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              raymondpirouz Level 1

              By the way, the exact error message I receive when attempting to open an existing PPTX file containing previous work created using PPT/Presenter is:


              "PowerPoint found a problem with content in XXXXX.pptx. PowerPoint can attempt to repair the presentation. If you trust the source of this presentation, click Repair."


              When I click Repair, I get:


              "PowerPoint couldn't read some content in XXXXX.pptx (Repaired) and removed it. Please check your presentation to see if the rest of it looks ok."


              When I click OK, much of the content in the slide deck comes out missing and if I attempt to interact with any Presenter asset (audio for example by clicking the Edit button to the right of Record) I get:


              "Adobe Presenter has encountered an unexpected problem while working with this presentation. Try saving your work to a new file and restarting PowerPoint...."


              This is why I thought there was an incompatibility with Presenter and Office 2016 because I have upgraded a few times from Presenter and Office and never had this type of problem before, even when moving machines.

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                zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee


                We received a mail from you stating as below, but cannot see it here-

                "I did some more digging and think I figured out the problem. I have DropBox running in the background, synching my folders and believe the open state of the PPT file (it creates an extra temporary open file) creates conflicts in some way. When I turn off synching, it all works, so I'll chalk it up to the error being: Don't use DropBox synching when working with PPT files and Presenter..."

                Could you please confirm if the issue is resolved at your end?


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                  raymondpirouz Level 1

                  Unfortunately not which is why I deleted it.


                  I tried turning off DropBox and then tried another presentation I had put together. It opened, so I figured it might have been the solution.


                  So, after posting that, I went to open the original files and NOPE, same error w/DropBox off. Then I went back to open the file that had worked and it gave me the very same error even though the file had opened fine a minute before.


                  Problem still persists and after trying to open a few other files, I was actually able to open some but not others (regardless of whether or not DropBox was off or on).


                  So it seems as though there is an issue trying to open some of the PPTX files I had created in the past vs. others in the same group of files (meaning presentations I created within a week of each other which were ALL opening fine before).


                  One solution I am attempting is to:


                  1) Open the original PPT file before I applied Presenter voiceover/etc.


                  2) Save that as in a new folder.


                  3) Open that folder and copy over the Presenter specific files created.


                  4) Attempt to link the new PPT file w/the Presenter specific files......but here's where I am stuck. How can I tell the PPT file to look at those Presenter files? I assume it's just one, the XML file in the root of the Presenter created folder that goes with the Presenter PPT.......but maybe there is also something in the .pptx file that tells it to look for the presenter xml file......


                  Point is I have the assets but need help in recreating a few presenter PPTs....can you help?

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                    zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee



                    It seems the error message you are facing is due to an ongoing issue related to Flash Player version 19.

                    Could you please tell me what is the version of the flash player you are using?

                    Please follow below steps to check-


                    Also please let me know the Win OS version you are using currently.



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                      raymondpirouz Level 1

                      Yes I am using on Windows 10 64 bit.

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                        soumodiptoc1991 Adobe Employee



                        The issue of publishing the project is fixed now.

                        Check the flash player version from Internet Explorer - helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

                        Click on the Check Now button.

                        If the version is, then wait for Windows to update the flash player to and you will be able publish again.

                        To recover the old projects which got corrupted you can go through this article and recover all your old projects: https://helpx.adobe.com/presenter/kb/projects-in-presenter-get-corrupted.html



                        Soumodipto Chatterjee


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                          raymondpirouz Level 1

                          Yes I can confirm that this was indeed the problem as your solution resolved it!


                          Thanks for taking care of this and -- most importantly -- for the Flash Fixer file.

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                            marchyOO Level 1


                            same "issue".  I try to install presenter 11 on a computer with powerpoint 2016 (office 365), The installation work fine but without addin in powerpoint.  I try to apply the procedure without success.  By the way, the presenter addin is not in the desactivated addin and in the regestry, the procedure is completely out of scope.  the structure is not the same.


                            Any idea?





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                              wf3864342 Level 1

                              I am having the same issue as marchy00 (installed but no add-in and different registry than the fix listed above). I called support and they said that Presenter 11 is not supported with Powerpoint 2016 (Office 365), only Office 2013 and 2010.

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                                Patty K Breeze Level 1

                                Hi Adobe:


                                My flash player version is from IE, and I was not able to publish Presenter 11 from PPT 2016 last week. Has Presenter changed since then? I don't want to purchase it again if it won't work. Are there other factors that affect this combination? I ask because I do know someone else who was able to use Presenter 11 with PPT 2016, so I don't understand why I and your support rep could not get it to work on my computer.




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                                  Dan the Fiberman Level 1

                                  It appears that Presenter 9 is not compatible with PowerPoint 2016. My Presenter 9 has stopped working since I upgraded to Office 2016. Every time I hit the record button, PowerPoint stops working. Will this be fixed?

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                                    Mayank_M Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Daniel,


                                    I would like to inform you that Adobe Presenter 9 is not certified and tested with Office 2016 and you may face unexpected issues. Even Adobe Presenter 11 is not tested with Office 2016 as Office 2016 was released after Adobe Presenter 11 however we have not encountered many issues with Presenter 11 and Office 2016.


                                    I would request you to either try the trial version of Adobe Presenter 11 - Download Adobe Presenter free trial | Adobe Presenter 11  on office 2016 and check if this works for you. With Adobe Presenter 9 it only supports till Office 2013.


                                    With Presenter 9 on Office 2016 you may try reinstalling Adobe Presenter or try repairing office and see if it makes any difference.




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                                      lgjopes Level 1

                                      How this problem been fixed with Presenter 9 and Office 3026?

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                                        Mayank_M Adobe Employee

                                        Hi Linda,


                                        Adobe Presenter 9 is not tested with Office 2016. Ever Presenter 11 is not certified with Office 2016 yet. However there are no major issues reported with Presenter 11 and office 2016.


                                        I would request you to please initiate a chat with Adobe support to get your issue fixed. Please click on the below link to initiate the chat with Adobe support:


                                        Contact Customer Care