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    Lightroom and external edit in PSE 14

    Nomad_uk Level 1

      Hi, am trying to edit some photos that I have now gotten into Lightroom 5.7.1. When I try to edit a photo (jpg) into PSE 14, I get an error message from PSE 14 saying

      'The document "Frog on pic.jpg" could not be opened. Adobe Photoshop Elements cannot open files in the JPEG image format.


      Within LR Preferences I have already set for Additional External Editor:-

      File Format     JPEG (from the choice of PSD, TIFF, JPEG)

      Conor Space sRGB

      Bit Depth 8

      Resolution 240


      If I change the File Format to TIFF or PSD I get the error message but then it says it cannot open TIFF or PSD format files?


      Help please