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    Document Level Script question


      I am trying to call a Document leave script in a If stamen and it's not working.


      it's not the document level script i tested it in a button to see if it was working has to be the way i am calling it


      if get.thisField ("Combo1") .value == " Yes"

      DocScript1 ();

      else if get.thisField ("Combo1") .value == " No"

      DocScript2 ();


      also tried

      if get.thisField ("Combo1") .value == " Yes"

      DocScript1 ();

      if get.thisField ("Combo1") .value == " No"

      DocScript2 ();



      if i run the script in the Console


      SyntaxError: syntax error




      also can anyone recommend a free JS editor that works with Acrobat


      using Acrobat Pro X win 10 64bit 16gb ram  i5 3.3Ghz and 1Tb of storage