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    Horrible UI Now

    Vonster Level 1

      Does anyone at Adobe actually use Adobe Draw app on iPad to actually create anything substantial? If so do you know of any good documentation online that goes over all the features. And NO, the in-app tutorials are a joke and Google can't find crap. Just updated the app, I'm in the middle of a job using it and well as is your usual style you've managed to thoroughly screw up the UI to the point I can't even figure out what the hell some of it is? Seriously, your developers need to actually try to create something with their own app, I'd love to see them struggle. What a mess.


      You already had limited layers, limited zoom, you hid features 4-5 clicks (touches) deep, so the whole process was slower than it should be. With this latest update, you've now made a selection of color slower and are hiding that two clicks (touches) deep. So instead of improving the app you shoved more bloat into it without fixing and improving the problematic features it already had. Do you even read your own forum?


      Example: The bottom nib, line, whatever in the toolbar. What the hell is that? I've been messing around trying to figure out what it does, or controls or even means? So do you have a video or documentation anywhere that clearly goes over all the features in Adobe Draws latest version?


      BTW, a good sign of intuitive UI design especially on an iPad or touch device means you can easily discern and figure out how things work. This app is a testimony on what not to do.


      So I'd really like to have a link to video or documentation that clearly explains all the features in this new version so I can review it and learn how to use this app, because the app itself is not easy nor intuitive and unfortunately it's even slower than the previous incarnation due to the UI design.



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          While I can't address all your comments, I can answer a couple of your questions:

          1. The last "brush" in the Draw toolbar is an eraser. If you long-press on it, you'll be able to adjust its size (a tap and a drag up or down).

          2. Yes, It's my understanding that a video is in the works.


          I'm happy to help with any feature questions you have. I know there's a bit of a learning curve to using this app.



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            Vonster Level 1

            OK, thanks well that confirms my beef with the UI. A good UI has coherent iconography. Why design nibs to reflect the practical in regards to tools, but then not carry that visual continuity into the icon for the eraser? Icons should be a visual metaphor of the tool, not the end result of the tool. So I was a victim of poor icon design.


            The whole app is slower to create with now. Things are hidden multi-touches (clicks) deep, layers is now further away from tools so that just means more time to move to it.


            Kind of frustrating when the forum clearly defines what they'd like to see fixed and apparently Adobe doesn't really care and proceeds to further make the user experience frustrating and as is par for course with nearly all their products doesn't fix half-baked features previously released and lets them languish.


            This could be a great app, but if they won't listen to pro users who've posted in this forum than it'll never be as good as it should be.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              Well, changes can/do take time. But... people have been asking for an Undo button (it's was one of the most-often requested features). And, that's in the app now. We do listen.


              I'll post the video here as soon as it's available. Please let me know, in the meantime, if there's any other way I can help.



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                Vonster Level 1

                I'm doing a course on creating an illustration in Adobe Draw for Lynda.com so I take ease of use very seriously. And if I can't figure it out, than most people will be completely lost as well.


                The undo button is nice, but it's not a NEW feature. People just asked for the feature back because Adobe removed it. So I wouldn't count that towards them listening to feature requests, that is based on sheer scorn from the user base for removing it to begin with Sue.


                A feature request would be unlimited layers, unlimited zoom. When doing a complex illustration 10 layers just doesn't cut it.


                I love the whole idea of shapes, and bring in custom shapes into Adobe Draw. Great idea in concept. But wholly craptacular in reality. I attempted to use some nice spot textures captured with Adobe Shapes (Capture Now) and it resembles a very crude low-level low-resolution auto trace like you would have seen in Microsoft Art Explosion clip art. I can't use that level of quality in my illustration. I want the texture to look like the textures but shapes is too low-level when it's all said and done.


                So when I record this course I'll show what I can but I'll also be honest and point out the obvious short comings. I was hoping a year would be more than enough time to get this app up to speed but I now question whether they ever will or even care too.

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                  Vonster Level 1

                  If there is anyone at Adobe I could just pick their brain about some of the features so I can wrap my head around them it would only take ten minutes. I just need to get some more information, this will inform me better on some things in this app otherwise I'm just shooting in the dark without any official documentation to validate things.

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                    Vonster Level 1

                    Maybe a visual would help exemplify the problem with the icon for the eraser tool.


                    I've updated it to match the aesthetic and style of the current icons (Which I don't think are that great) and it's communication is crystal clear and the metaphor is tool-centric, not result-centric. Everyone knows what an eraser does, but the result isn't iconic, the tool is.



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                      Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                      I do like that eraser.



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                        Vonster Level 1

                        This is iconography 101. Releasing it as they did is a rookie mistake.

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                          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

                          I love the take on the eraser, Von!


                          But I too am wondering why it was changed from the older (but still more obvious icon of the "open"/"clear" bush tool.

                          It was an icon that fit within the family at least.

                          It's in the thumbnail here for posterity:An Adobe Draw Quick Tip: Erasers by Ko Maruyama


                          *You can make mine a staedtler mars plastic eraser, or uni brick!

                          Or ticonderoga green. anything other than the smudge line.

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                            Vonster Level 1

                            Agreed the previous wasn't clear either, I thought it was an empty brush you could load something into. So it had communication issues too.


                            Who ever does these icons needs to improve them. Mine was about a five minute mock up just to demonstrate the problem. I loathe 2B pencil erasers, pink erasers smear. I prefer mono white erasers myself.