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    Video quality drops once rendered


      Hi there!


      I just finished editing a short film that was shot on Red Epic. I edited raw, the exact resolution being 4800x2700. Now I have only a couple of files in there that are 1920x1080, and they make up only about 10 seconds of the film. They were screen recordings so I couldn't do a 4K resolution for those. Moreover, I'm outputting the film to a 1920x1080 file, so I was hoping those screen recording sections would still look OK. But once exported, they look super low res. I've tried a million different things, and I cannot figure this out. The most bizarre part of all this is that the 1080p footage looks low res when exported via Adobe Media Encoder but it looks OK when exported via Premiere. I know, weird. So here are the steps I followed. What am I missing?


      1) Almost all footage is 4800x2700 and so is the sequence I am working on.

      2) I scaled the screen recording footage that is 1920x1080 to 320% to get the desired part of the shot in the frame.

      3) I did NOT render the above footage, because once I do, they appear low res in Premiere's reference monitor. When they are unrendered, they maintain their original quality.

      4) I set my usual Vimeo settings - H.264 1920X1080 40mb/s and sent it to AME for encoding.


      During my first few exports, there was no issue with quality. And then all of a sudden, this 1920x1080 footage started looking crappy. Everything else looks great. Shouldn't the 1080p footage look good since that's the resolution what I am outputting to? I know I scaled the footage by 320% in my 4800x2700 sequence, but doesn't it re-scale itself back to 1080p once those output settings are set?


      My other question is, do you think I should've edited all this on a 1920x1080 sequence after conforming all footage to 1080p ProRes or something because I have this ONE file that's 1080p? I didn't think it'd be such a big deal since the majority of my footage is 4K. I'm outputting the 4K to 1080p anyway. And I thought the 1080p footage I already had would look fine as I'm outputting to the same resolution. Plus, I do want to have a 2-4K output eventually for bigger, non-internet screenings. I hope this explanation is not too confusing as I've been pretty lost in this for the past few days. Would truly and greatly appreciate any sort of insight. THANK YOU!

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and what computer operating system is involved?


          If you program is Premiere Pro, you have posted in the wrong forum. Your thread has been posted to the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum.

          If you are using Premiere Pro, please re-post your thread in the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum to take advantage of the specialized expertise there with regard to Premiere Pro.

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          Please give more details.


          Thank you.