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    Sort by date added broken


      I just updated to ADE 4.5126523 from a much older version.  The sort seems to be broken.  I have all items sorted by date added, but sometimes they sort oldest to newest and others newest to oldest which is how it worked in the release I upgraded from.  I want to sort newest to oldest but when it comes up the other way, I can't force it.  Even if I select another sort order and then reselect sort by date added, it still is wrong.  If the decision was made to sort one way or the other that would be one thing, but it does not do it uniformly.


      Also please note that while the selected sort order in All Items sticks (like a preference), the sort order in any bookshelf is sort by title and if I change the current sort order to by date added, it won't stay that way.  So, when moving from bookshelf to bookshelf, I have to resort every single time.  Unnecessary key strokes and irritating.  How about allowing some preferences to be set?


      I want a work around but would like to see this addressed in the next update.  Speaking of which how do I know when new updates are available?  I am never notified.