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    LR CC 2015 6.2 freezes up.

    Brewyets Level 1

      I've been using LR5 for a long time. I decided yesterday to upgrade to LR CC. So, unknowingly, I downloaded 6.2. OMG, I've been using LR since V1 beta. I LOVE this program!! But, this is terrible!! It locks up after clicking 2 buttons. I restarted the macbook, software, I unchecked the "Show Add Photos Screen". I was able to use the HDR merge function yesterday. It worked GREAT!!! But, today....I can't do anything with it. It never gives me a crash report or anything. When it freezes up, if I let it sit, after a while it will catch up with most of my clicks. But, it's always been lightning fast. I'm going back to have to go back to LR5 until they fix this. I am so disappointed in Adobe. I'd give up indoor toilets before giving up Lightroom. I'm sad. :-(


      Adobe folks, please fix this asap. I don't care about the cloud, using it on my iphone, slideshows, some stupid fancy import screen, etc... I need the photo editing software that I've grown to love to work flawlessly, quickly, and rock solid. I buy top of the line computers and software because I don't have time to mess with problems. You just charged me money for a new problem. Not cool. I know yall will fix this quickly. But, in the future, please test BEFORE release please. Thanks!