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    Syncing to Mobile never completes, always says "syncing 99 photos"


      I've had minimal problems with LR CC syncing, but even with the latest (oct 5) updates to the desktop and mobile app (mac/iphone) my desktop still says "syncing 99 photos" all the time.  It's gone down from several hundred the last time I added a new collection, and data is being synced properly from desktop to web/mobile, but the program thinks that there are still 99 photos left.  I doubt it's a "wait for it" thing as this has been here for weeks.  I know the new photos are syncing as the counter goes up from 99 to a a big number, then slowly works it's way down.


      Is there any way to debug or figure out if there are "stuck" images (I have a fair amount synced and there's not an obvious "oh, I'm missing 100 photos here") or if something's up internally?  The app warms me that photos are still syncing and do I really want to quit, which I do and it does, but it's an annoyance.


      Anyone give a hand debugging?