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    No longer able to see 5D3 CR2 files in Adobe Bridge or open with CS6 with CR 7.0


      I did a reinstall of CS6 because I was getting an error pop up every time I opened PS6 that I would have to hit enter several times to get past so Photoshop would open.  This turned out to be the fault of NIK plugins which are not compatible with Windows XP so once I removed the offending plugins Photoshop opens normally.  I am no longer able to see the files from my 5DM3 in Bridge and when I try to open them in ACR I get a message that the camera is not supported in my version of PS.  I have windows Xp 32 bi,t PS6, ACR 7.0 an all updates are done. I've tried all the recommendations about cleaning the cache etc to no avail.  Can anyone point me a new direction.  Incidentally when I try to download and convert to DNG it tells me that has failed and I can't access them that way either.  HELP