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    Lightroom is asking for adobe id login and serial every day


      When I start Lightroom 6.1.1 standalone (not cc version) on windows 8.1, it opens in the back but displays the registration window in front which says i have 30 days of trial left. Somtimes also -32xxx Days left

      I then klick on registration, log in with my adobe id account

      Enter serial number and everything is fine. After that, I can restart Lightroom as many times i want without any issue.


      However, Lightroom does not remember. The next day, I get the same behavior. I have to login and register every day!

      If I check my Adobe account online, i can see my Lightroom (including the correct serial) listed.


      I have also tried to start as Admin for the registration, but get the same behavior.

      My solution for now is having a textfile with serial and adobe id and passwort on my desktop but this is no long-term solution.


      Thank you for your help.